You’ve seen L, you’ve seen G and we’ve just had B.  So what can you expect from T and I?

The YourStory team have been working hard to make not one but TWO “T” stories.  Chipping in to do voiceover work are inspiring trans communities leaders and co-hosts on 3CR’s Out of the Pan: Sally Goldner and Blair Archbold.

Listen in, Sunday June 30th to hear Daniel Witthaus and award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Duffy talk about the YourStory campaign live!

To hear an interview I did with Sally Goldner from Out of the Pan (3CR – www.3cr.org.au) click below.  In the latter stages of the interview I talk about observations of trans young people and the need for them to have the right to make their own decisions about their bodies:

20120212 ootp 1
20120212 ootp 2
20120212 ootp 3
20120212 ootp 4

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