Pride & Prejudice: Challenging Homophobia Program for Everyday Classrooms is an easy-to-use educational package that educators can use to challenge homophobia and affirm sexual diversity in classrooms and other educational settings is available through Hawker Brownlow Education. Formal evaluation Deakin University shows that the 6-week program significantly shifts student attitudes towards gay men and lesbians, and, more importantly, significantly reduces student homo-aggressive behaviour.

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  • Piloted first in a regional all-boys Catholic school (1999)
  • Six sessions; one session per week over six weeks
  • Not a sexual health program
  • Provides real examples of gays and lesbians; safe and supportive peer conversations
  • Builds foundations for discussions about transgender and gender questioning young people
  • Formal evaluation: 1999, 2006, 2009/2010
  • It’s about school ownership, not outside expert delivery
  • Minimal training required
  • 1000 packages in almost a decade


  • Attitude change (1999-2000; 2006): attitudes towards gay men and lesbians significantly more positive, with greater shifts in young men’s attitudes
  • Nothing else changes (1999-2000; 2006): students do not experience changes in social standing, self-esteem or racist and sexist attitudes
  • Enjoyable (1999-2000; 2006): students report that the program was interesting and fun
  • Reduction in homo-aggressive behaviours (2009-10): students physical and verbal aggression towards gay and lesbian students, or those believed to be, significant;y reduce
  • Homophobic students change (2009-10): “I act differently now…”
  • Supportive students act (2009-10): “I didn’t learn much [about gays and lesbians], but I learnt to be proactive…”
  • Independent thinking (2009-10): students report being no longer reliant on peers opinions about gay and lesbians, thinking now for themselves
  • Newfound understanding (2009-10): “In particular…an awareness of the issues that same-sex attracted students are likely to encounter…”
  • Filling a gap (2009-10): “a much-needed gap in students education about homophobia…”

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