1. Beyond Priscilla: one gay man, one gay truck, one big idea… (2014)
2. Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’: Challenging homophobia in Australian schools (2010)
3. Not Round Here: Affirming Diversity, Challenging Homophobia (2000)


Get your copy of  Beyond Priscilla: one gay man, one gay truck, one big idea… now, published through Clouds of Magellan (

In 2010, Daniel Witthaus spent 266 days driving around rural, regional and urban Australia challenging homophobia. Beyond Priscilla is a record of the Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’ National Tour.

In a 38 week road trip around Australia, Daniel Witthaus discovered what contemporary life is really like for LGBT people – life beyond the stereotypes, life ‘beyond Priscilla’. Daniel’s simple aim was to challenge and confront homophobia ‘one cuppa at a time’. In so doing he met a wide range of individuals, all with harrowing or uplifting stories to tell of ‘pride and prejudice’.

Join Daniel as he encounters foul-mouthed police officers, transgender treasures, a billionaire’s butler, gay jackaroos and straight lumberjacks looking to change.

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Paperback copies are now available, signed through Daniel ( or Daniel Witthaus on Facebook), and unsigned, through Hares & Hyenas and print on demand: Amazon, Book Depository and Barnes & Noble.  Stay tuned for details of all good bookshops.

Already Daniel has sent signed copies to the UK, US, Ireland and rural Japan!

Contact Daniel for any opportunities to read and share stories of everyday LGBTI life in regional, rural and remote Australia.



Hear Daniel Witthaus discuss his book, Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’: Challenging homophobia in Australian schools by clicking here:

Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’: Challenging homophobia in Australia schools provides everything a teacher, health professional or homophobia-curious individual would need to effectively challenge and interrupt homophobia and affirm sexual diversity.  It’s practical, entertaining and easy-to-follow.

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If you could significantly change student attitudes toward gay men and lesbians, would you do it? What if it only took you one hour a week for six weeks?

The first response to these questions is typically disbelief: “Six weeks? Is that all? Are you mad? Have you been into schools lately? Have you been in a classroom with a group of young men? You’d need six months!”

Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’: Challenging Homophobia in Secondary Schools 101’ demonstrates in entertaining detail exactly what happens when teachers, students and parents discuss the emotionally charged topic of sexual diversity. How does a young gay atheist “accidentally” and successfully pilot a challenging homophobia program in an all-boys Catholic school? What led to the Tasmanian Education Department’s commitment to implement that same program in all of its state schools? Why is this work a “world-first”? Read on.

In his critically acclaimed and seminal ‘Pride & Prejudice: An educational package to challenge homophobia in secondary schools’ Daniel Witthaus, an internationally recognised authority in challenging homophobia, offered Australian teachers a step-by-step guide to safely negotiating the subject in everyday classrooms. Almost a decade later in this latest offering, he recreates his eagerly sought-after presentations and workshops that have provided so many strategies that make many teachers’ lives easier and, dare he say, professionally more interesting too.

Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’ charts an unlikely and unparalleled journey that will appeal to educators who:
• Have observed homophobia in their school, yet feel it’s one for the ‘too-hard basket’;
• Are sick of hearing the phrase ‘That’s So Gay’ and not knowing whether, or how, to respond;
• Know they have gay and lesbian students at their school but are not sure how best to support them;
• Believe that only gay and lesbian teachers can challenge homophobia; and,
• Are concerned about how parents and the broader school community will respond when sexual diversity is discussed in classrooms.

Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’ offers a comprehensive, effective and often fun guide to changing schoolyards and classrooms. Here you’ll find recipes for electrifying staffrooms, exciting classrooms and liberating educators. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and unable to respond to the rampant educational reality of homophobia, you will benefit from learning:
• The necessary foundations and context for any school-based challenging homophobia program;
• Practical strategies and frameworks for understanding sexual identity and coming out, and ways to challenge a variety of homophobic behaviours in young people and adults;
• Exactly what happens in classrooms and staffrooms when sexual diversity is affirmed and homophobia is challenged.

Although Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’ seems to speak mostly to teachers, it’s clear that there have often been librarians, administration staff, canteen volunteers and the like who have provided a haven for young people who feel unsafe in the schoolyard; with the school’s knowledge or not. This book is for them too, as well as for people who are seeking ways to challenge homophobia within their workplaces, their community group and even within their own families. Although this book may seem to be a specific tool for the classroom, it’s exercises and applications can be, and have been, used well beyond the confines of the classroom.

Other essential challenging homophobia topics include:
• A compelling 10-step blueprint for a homophobia-proof school; and,
• How to effectively engage parents.

Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’ is an unashamed, blunt appraisal of challenging homophobia in contemporary educational settings. Yet because it emphasises that our connections with others will make the real difference, it will enable readers to move beyond unnecessary doubt, fear and misinformation to ultimately take action.


A groundbreaking challenging homophobia resource developed soon after the completion of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Outlink Project (1999-2000).  Developed by Kenton Penley Miller and Mahamati for rural and regional settings, rather than assuming a metropolitan audience.

Download here: Not Round Here Resource


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