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Last weekend the NICHE YourStory team joined Out of the Pan on 3CR to launch the “T’ in the YourStory Campaign.

If you haven’t already, watch it here: “T” ALEXIS & ARCHIE (YourStory)

Cartoonist Kenton Penly Miller, award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Duffy and story curator Daniel Witthaus all joined the voices of “T”, Sally Goldner and Blair Archbold to discuss the YourStory campaign and how it all happens.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.

Download the podcasts here:             Part 1            Part 2              Part 3               Part 4


On Friday 17th May 2013, the NICHE ‘YourStory’ Campaign was launched with “Mini”, the “L” in the LGBTI.  Soon “Jack”, the “G”, followed, as did “Jesse”, the “B”.

Now, watch “Alexis” and “Archie”, the “T”.

Watch here: “T” ALEXIS & ARCHIE (YourStory)

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for I.

The hope is that this will inspire more LGBTI people from regional, rural and remote communities to share their stories online in either a visual, cartoon and/or animated way.

Go to the ‘YourStory’ section of this website to find out more.