Recently Daniel recorded a three-part TV interview for ‘In The Thick Of It’ with Sammi Whitehead (JOY94.9FM, Bent TV).

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Part One: hear Daniel talk about being mistaken for a boyfriend-hunter when he first volunteered; find out how he and another worker were called paedophiles by a parent on the front page of the Geelong Addy; and much more on his early work in Geelong, Victoria.

Interview starts at 17m30s: Part One

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Part Two: hear Daniel talk about repeating Rodney Croome’s work on the smell of an oily rag; the isolation of being the only “gay-friendly voice” in the village; and, the need to work “outside the bubble”.  After they called cut on this the crew surprised Daniel and broke into a round of applause…

Interview starts at 17m45s: Part Two

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.22.22 PM

Part Three: hear Daniel talk about the National Institute for Challenging Homophobia Education (NICHE), the need to deepen conversations, moving beyond awareness, not needing to do anything extraordinary and the power of everyday stories.

Interview starts at 17m45s: Part Three

Find out more about Bent TV here: Bent TV



See Daniel twice during this 3 minute clip.

1. Go to:
2. Click on ‘Video’
3. Click on ‘Features’
4. Click on ‘The 7pm Project, Wednesday 06 Jul’



See Daniel at 32 minutes, 25 seconds and at 43 minutes, 05 seconds.

Watch here on YouTube: SBS Insight: Gay In School


VIDEO – 100% EQUALITY VOX POP (June 2011)

Daniel talks about his work, full marriage equality and human rights.

Watch here on YouTube: Daniel Post-100% Equality(thanks to FagMedia)


Over time the tour-long cataloguing of media spots will be re-posted.  Daniel was lucky to have had interest from local, state and national media outlets.

Some radio highlights included:
February 2010: ABC 774 Melbourne with Jon Faine’s Conversation Hour (Daniel is the second guest)
September 2010: ABC Ballarat—heywire.mp3
November 2010: JOY FM (gay and lesbian radio current affairs program, Freshly Doug), where Daniel gets very personal

Daniel has phoned in every week of the national tour to JOY FM’s Freshly Doug (see the link above for podcasts) for 10-15 minutes.  He has also spoken to Triple J’s Hack program and on ABC’s Bush Telegraph twice.
Daniel has appeared in gay and lesbian publications across the country, as well as local mainstream newspapers such as in Broken Hill and Shepparton.
More coming soon…

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