To celebrate 10 years of real change in schools around Australia, Daniel Witthaus is launching a ‘Talk To Your Local School and Library’ Campaign:  End Homophobia Now.  Pride & Prejudice, the only formally evaluated educational package for everyday schools, has changed the attitudes and homo-aggressive behaviours of 1000s and 1000s of students in every corner of Australia since its launch in 2002.

Pride & Prejudice is an easy-to-follow, interactive six-week program that gets students talking.  It doesn’t hide behind broader terms like bullying, diversity and safety, or rely only on posters and stickers alone.  It provides real examples of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Pride & Prejudice, and the book it inspired, Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’, go beyond talk and awareness-raising.  Both the popular resources provide teachers, health professionals and homophobia-curious others with strategies they can use in their classrooms and schoolyards immediately.  Not when it gets better.  Now.  They are available here: 10 Year Combined.

People motivated to end homophobia in schools have reported success when they approach their local school and library to ask a simple question: ‘Do you have this resource?’  Most find that the schools and libraries are quick to get the resources to use for educators and to display for library users.

Please take the time to drink one cuppa and read this short document:  End Homophobia Now.  If you can take action, please do.  Importantly, please consider passing this on to 3-5 people in your networks who could also take action: Pride & Prejudice/Beyond ‘That’s So Gay’ Special.

Oh, and wish Pride & Prejudice a happy 10th birthday in changing the way that we think about homophobia in everyday schools.

Thanks for your time.

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